CDEx is transforming the customer journey into an end-to-end digital experience with tools that track customers’ carbon emissions reductions and the status of energy efficiency projects. The program also streamlines related services like bill payment and contract management, to ensure a productive and efficient digital experience with NYPA.

New York Energy Manager

Serving almost 20,000 state and government facilities, New York Energy Manager helps customers manage energy use by using data to improve building energy performance, reduce environmental impact and manage energy costs. This is accomplished by designing customizable energy management strategies for individual facilities or entire building portfolios.


The Advanced Grid Innovation Laboratory for Energy (AGILe) is a world-class power systems laboratory, with a simulation and testing facility. AGILe enables real-time simulations of New York State’s transmission grid to accelerate and streamline deployment of new equipment and technologies, analyze peak demand stress, incorporate intermittent resources, and improve reliability and bulk system control.

Communications Backbone

NYPA is building out a secure, reliable and robust communication network for sharing operational data between sites, including nearly 700 miles of Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), 1000 miles of leased dark fiber and a 400-mile microwave network. NYPA is also piloting P-LTE technology (4G LTE, 5G) to support ooperations and programs, such as workforce mobility applications and drones.

Digital Workforce Program

The Digital Workforce Program is untethering and empowering all NYPA and Canals employees to help them work more safely, efficiently and effectively, via advanced digital capabilities. Our Digital Engineering Tools complement this goal by applying our operational and engineering subject matter expertise to digital tools that enable the advanced computation, simulation and visualization of our assets.

Asset Performance Management (APM)

NYPA’s APM software is a major step in asset management by allowing for the implementation of standardized tools, roles and processes that optimize asset performance, risk and cost. To date, our APM software is streaming 115,000 data points and has resulted in avoided-cost savings over $18 million.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

NYPA is leveraging data to apply business intelligence that will transform our approach to asset management by optimizing infrastructure and the supply-demand balance.

Cybersecurity Center of Excellence

The Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (CoE) addresses the industrial cyber skills gap, provides innovative expert cyber services, and incubates solutions to benefit critical infrastructure operators in the state of New York. This initiative is powered by a coalition of critical infrastructure owners, operators, university partners, and founding organizations led by NYPA.

Innovation Lab

NYPA is building out an innovation lab to provide enterprise-level incubation capabilities that will drive innovation, develop prototype solutions and demonstrate the business value of new technologies.